Consider the key features in the study programmes section. Applicants should normally have had a connection with Kronberg Academy.

If you are already giving public concerts and can meet the listed requirements, then this programme might be suitable for you and you should think about applying. If you have not taken part in any of Kronberg Academy's competitions, masterclasses, festivals or associated events, then you should consider doing so, as these events provide an opportunity for your performance skills to be assessed in depth.

See the details set out in the application section of the website.

For further information please contact masters(at)kronbergacademy.de.

Participants are personally approached and selected by Sir András Schiff and Kronberg Academy. There is no application procedure.

Students will live in Kronberg, Frankfurt or the environs so as to be available for attendance at their regular classes. As individual instrumental lessons will continue outside the stipulated university semesters, accommodation will be required for a full calendar year.

For further information please refer to the section “Living in Kronberg” which you can find below the individual pages for each study programme.

A close-knit international student community exists at both Kronberg Academy and the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

You can practise at either one of Kronberg Academy’s studios which are equipped with Steinway grand pianos, ina practice building prvided for students or at the Frankfurt University. Living accommodation might also provide an important additional facility.

In the Kronberg Academy Bachelor programme it is obligatory to attend classes in music theory, ear training and musicology. In addition, the university promotes a diverse and stimulating range of studies from which students may select various options. A command of the German language is required.

The Kronberg Academy Master programme does not require any theory classes.

A recital performance examination is required at the end of each year of the course. In addition, participants of the Kronberg Academy Bachelor programme have to pass final tests in music theory and listening skills at the end of their second year. A system of credit points applies. Regular participation is essential.

After prior consultation one-on-one lessons with your Frankfurt University lecturer can be offered in such circumstances. This will enable students not to fall behind with their academic work. Lessons at Kronberg Academy will be rescheduled by negotiation.

After having successfully studied in the Kronberg Academy Bachelor or Master programme you will have earned your Bachelor/Master of Music in International Violin/Viola/Cello Solo Performance which is officially recognized.

After completion of the Professional Studies or the Precollege programme you will be awarded a Kronberg Academy certificate.