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music connects
the world

May 9th to 19th, 2024

© Andreas Malkmus

Cello Masterclasses

Come to

September 22nd to 30th, 2024

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© Nikolaj Lund

Step by step to music

Mit Musik – 

April 12th to 14th, 2024

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Weitergabe des Feuers


September 20th to October 3rd, 2024

© Patricia Truchsess

From young soloists fresh to the stage


every wednesday

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New concert program for children


July 2024

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Current events

Fr 12.4.15:00
Carl Bechstein Saal, Casals Forum
Mit Musik – Miteinander
Public Rehearsal
Sa 13.4.09:30
Carl Bechstein Saal, Casals Forum
Mit Musik – Miteinander
Public Rehearsal
Su 14.4.09:30
Carl Bechstein Saal, Casals Forum
Mit Musik – Miteinander
Public Rehearsal
Su 14.4.15:00
Großer Saal, Casals Forum
Mit Musik – Miteinander
Musikalischer Ausklang
We 17.4.19:15
Carl Bechstein Saal, Casals Forum
Guido Sant'Anna - Folk Fest
Fr 19.4.15:00
Fr 19.4.17:00
We 24.4.19:15
Carl Bechstein Saal, Casals Forum
Hayang Park - Inspirations
Th 25.4.19:45
We 1.5.19:15
Carl Bechstein Saal, Casals Forum
Natalie Loughran - Beloved
Fr 10.5.09:30
Other venues
Chamber Music Connects the World
Public rehearsals
Fr 10.5.10:00
Dagmar Westberg Foyer, Casals Forum
Chamber Music Connects the World
A glimpse inside the workshop
All events


For music and for people – Kronberg Academy is a place for musicians of all generations from many different countries to learn and be inspired. It brings exceptionally talented players together with the great artists of our time, who in turn pass on their experiences, ideas and values to them.

This happens in the Kronberg Academy study programmes, and can be witnessed on the stage of the Casals Forum, where concerts, and likewise public masterclasses and rehearsals, offer audience members vibrant, intense, first-hand musical experiences.

Inspired by the great cellist and humanist Pablo Casals (1876-1973), everything that Kronberg Academy does is guided by the principle that music can motivate us to interact in a manner that is wise for music, people and the planet. Mission statement

A concert every week...

Our Wednesday concerts are now also available as a film. From now on, the world's leading classical music platform will be streaming our students' concerts exclusively every Wednesday. See how our young artists inspire their audiences with individually curated concerts. Unique. Authentic.

  1. Discover Casals Forum in a guided tour...

    The dates have been set!

  2. One to watch: „A glimpse into my world“ – Weronika Dziadek

    Who are the young people studying at Kronberg Academy? Once a month, our young soloists present themselves to you: in short film interviews, offering deep insights into their musical and private world. Today, the interview features 29-year-old violist Weronika Dziadek from Poland.

  3. “A human being first” 30 Years of Kronberg Academy

    What is the Kronberg Academy? – Take a look!

Mentoring for the top flight

Kronberg Academy offers selected young violinists, violists and cellists tailor-made study programmes that are adjusted ‒ in terms of both content and scheduling ‒ to their individual needs.


Violin making fair VioViva

The international fair for violin makers, bow makers and string manufacturers from September 23 to 28, 2024 during the Kronberg Festival. Be there as an exhibitor!


Cello Masterclasses

Come to Kronberg! Experience five cello schools in one place from September 22 to 30, 2024, learn from great teachers and meet young cellists. We invite all young talent to apply.


Become a host family

Become a host family for young musicians who will soon be coming to Kronberg. Experience exciting encounters with talented young people from all over the world!


Emanuel Feuermann Konservatorium

The private music school under the umbrella of the Academy. Talented children and young people are taught violin, viola, cello - and recently also double bass - and learn to play together in an ensemble. If they are particularly talented, they can also be prepared for music studies.


Friends of Kronberg Academy

The Kronberg Academy is fueled by the significant private commitment of many passionate supporters. Join this large, music-loving community and enjoy numerous benefits – become a Friend of the Kronberg Academy!