Your way to Kronberg im Taunus

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Beethovenplatz 1
61476 Kronberg

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Concert tickets are also valid as RMV tickets if they have a KombiTicket logo printed on them. The KombiTicket is valid throughout the RMV area on all RMV transport in 2nd class. It is valid on the day of the event for the outward journey from five hours before the start of the event and for the return journey until closing time.

You can find more information on local public transport at 

The S-Bahn line S4 from Langen via Frankfurt am Main Hbf to the Kronberg terminus takes you directly to the Casals Forum, which is approx. 100 metres from the S-Bahn station. The S4 runs to Langen every 30 minutes on weekdays.

All concert start times are coordinated with the arrival of the S4 from Frankfurt.

If you are travelling from outside Kronberg, the following bus lines stop at Kronberg railway station:

– Line 85 Königstein – Falkenstein Auf dem Seif – Kronberg Bahnhof
– Line 251 Frankfurt Nordwestzentrum – Berliner Platz
– Line 261 Bad Homburg Bahnhof – Königstein Stadtmitte

If you are travelling within Kronberg, use the following city bus lines:

– Line 71 Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt Altkönigstift – Kronberg Bahnhof
– Line 72 Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt Am Weidengarten – Kronberg Schülerwiesen
– Line 73 Kronberg Roter Hang – Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt Altkönigstift

If you are travelling by car, follow the A5 / A66 / A661 motorways and the L3005 country road to Kronberg. If your satnav does not find the address „Beethovenplatz 1“, try entering „Casals Forum“.

Parking is available in the underground car parks at Berliner Platz and Casals Forum (entrance to Hotel Vienna House) as well as in the P+R car park at the „Kronberg (Taunus)“ S-Bahn station.

All venues within Kronberg are within easy walking distance.