One to watch: "A glimpse into my world" – Seiji Okamoto

Who are the young people who study at Kronberg Academy? Each week, one of our young soloists will present themselves in our series of short yet insightful interviews. Today it is 26-year-old violinist Seiji Okamoto from Japan.

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Cue Seiji Okamoto:
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Seiji Okamoto in concert

The heart of Kronberg Academy is its talented young musicians. Kronberg prepares the world’s very best to go out into the world as outstanding ambassadors for music – with study programmes tailored to their specific needs and great musical figures at their side.

Music connects all the students and alumni of Kronberg Academy. Their very personal experiences, values, goals – and much more besides – make them into unique characters and interesting individuals. We want to give you a window onto the vibrancy and diversity of the Kronberg Academy family:
During these short film interviews, the young musicians give us a glimpse into their world. The dreams that they have, the hobbies they enjoy, the things they miss, what they most love about Kronberg...

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