Next date: from September 24 to October 2, 2023 during the Kronberg Festival
Presale for friends of Kronberg Academy starts from June 2
Presale starts from 15 June

Learn from the experts: great virtuosos and great teachers show us what lies within and behind the music.

Violin & Viola Masterclasses

In the fall, the Kronberg Festival becomes a summit for the violin and viola – a public teaching and learning event where four or five violin and viola luminaries teach students of all nationalities. Anyone who listens in on the public tuition sessions can see and hear how many ways there are to get closer to music. And in years when the Violin and Viola Masterclasses take place, these instruments are given great prominence in the concurrent Festival. Featuring young masterclass participants and celebrated virtuosos alike, the Festival concerts provide the perfect showcase for absolute mastery.

Every two years

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