„… Music in service of humanity“
This philosophy of Pablo Casals, the great cellist and champion of peace who believed that art, humanity and respect for nature are inextricably linked – is the guiding principle for all training and musical activities at Kronberg Academy. Thus, a key feature of Kronberg Academy’s training concept is bringing people together by fostering understanding, humanity and tolerance. Kronberg Academy acknowledges Its responsibility towards music, people and the planet. As a community of shared values, we therefore wish to work together with our artists, sponsors, staff and audiences to make artistic, social and ecological sustainability one of the most important foundations underpinning our actions. For this reason, we urge the artist to travel to Kronberg by the most environmentally friendly means possible. By applying for the Kronberg Academy Study Programmes I fully supports the Academy’s guiding principles and commit myself to doing the best I can, following them as best as I can.
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