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Süddeutsche Zeitung:
"Incredible marvel"

The Casals Forum comes into being

Now in the third decade since it was founded, a home is being built for Kronberg Academy in Kronberg: the Casals Forum – a concert hall with first-class acoustics and state-of-the-art equipment – and an adjoining study and administrative centre.

Its construction will enable Kronberg Academy to fulfil the role it occupies in the classical music world with professionalism and creativity for years to come:

The ongoing objective of Kronberg Academy is to be an international centre of inspiration for musicians of all generations, a place where values are lived out, experienced and passed on to the next generation, all in the spirit of Pablo Casals, whose passionate struggle for peace and deep love of nature set the standard. His belief was that artists not only have a responsibility to the music, but – as people – also to their fellow humans and to nature.

The concept behind the new buildings aims to create an environment where music and its performers can grow. Supreme artistic mastery flourishes in an atmosphere that is inspiringly intimate whilst at the same time contemplative, and sometimes unconventional.

The Casals Forum is being constructed in line with the highest environmental standards and will be the first climate-neutral concert hall building in Europe.

Many artists and leading members of politics and society are lending their support to Kronberg Academy so that this building project can be completed.

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