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Here you can find recent Press Releases about the concerts and activities at Kronberg Academy, as well as information about our concert venue, 2022 opened Casals Forum. 

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Press Releases
  1. New website of Kronberg Academy

    Relaunch carried out in collaboration with the Frankfurt-based digital agency dkd

  2. Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine to appear at Casals Forum in March, 2024

    Concert „Spring's awakening“ wth works by Schumann, Mendelssohn, Ravel and Almashi

  3. Janine Jansen joins Kronberg Academy faculty

    World-renowned violinist to assume teaching duties in November

  4. Wednesday concerts: Kronberg Academy's new concert series

    Kronberg Academy is establishing a regular concert series: From now on, every wednesday evening Academy students will appear on stage with self-designed concert programmes

  5. Successful Kronberg Festival 2023: Kronberg Academy celebrated its 30-year aniversary

    Casals Forum became an audience magnet: 26 sold-out concerts,

    guided architecture tours and public Violin & Viola Masterclasses enthrilled the visitors

  6. Friends of Kronberg Academy count more than 2.000 members

    Association of friends has been steadily growing since the opening of newly built Casals Forum

  7. Interactive concerts for people with dementia

    An innovative cooperation project of Kronberg Academy and Goethe university Frankfurt

  8. Kronberg Festival: Successful start at Casals Forum

    Ten days and more than 11,000 enraptured concertgoers / Masterclasses held during

    Festival for first time: 150 young cellists visited Kronberg from across globe / VioViva violin

    making exhibition proves popular attracting 1000 visitors / Topical social issues