The 2018 Kronberg Academy Yearbook is here

An opportunity to reflect and to look ahead to the future. Now available!

Though we are already almost halfway through a very eventful 2019, it is worth taking a moment to turn and look back once again at the marvellously full year of 2018.

In the newly published Kronberg Academy Yearbook 2018, you can now revel in the images as well as read and appreciate how ...

... Juniors and Seniors told 13 stories at Chamber Music Connects the World

... the memorial concert for Boris Pergamenschikow during the Cello Masterclasses & Concerts brought old friends together

... the Anniversary Concert in Wiesbaden marking Kronberg Academy’s 25th birthday became the occasion for a fantastic announcement

... and much more besides!

The 180-page yearbook is now available to purchase from the Kronberg Academy ticket office, or online, for €10.00.

We hope you enjoy browsing, reading and looking through it!

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ticket office: Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 6, 61476 Kronberg / Mo – Fr, 10 – 14 h