Our 2017 Yearbook is here!

Providing insights into Kronberg Academy and looking back at an eventful year with exceptional photographs, reports and information about the institution.

In 2017, attention at Kronberg centred on the Kronberg Academy Festival, numerous other world-class concerts and masterclasses, the construction of Casals Forum and, not least, the study programmes.

In contrast to the public events, the study programmes take place somewhat more behind closed doors. Questions as to who is currently studying in Kronberg, how the courses are structured, how they are financed and why sponsors choose to become patrons are all answered by the “2017 Kronberg Academy Yearbook”. Naturally, this edition again includes an in-depth overview of all the musical events, large and small, that took place in 2017, as well as information on the new chamber music hall. The diverse mix of retrospective reports and brief reviews, general information and guest contributions is complemented by large-format photos from ‘music photographers’ Andreas Malkmus, Patricia Truchsess von Wetzhausen and Dan Hannen.


The new, 200-page publication is now available to purchase for €10 from the Kronberg Academy ticket office, or online.

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