No more major events until the end of 2020

"Cello Masterclasses & Concerts" sadly cancelled and Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann postponed.

  • Photo: Patricia Truchsess

Although the restrictions on cultural events have been relaxed, the search must now begin for what is possible (and justifiable) for Kronberg Academy.

We need to accept the fact that certain crucial things still cannot take place: namely, international meetings and direct, collective musical experiences. In other words, precisely those things that make Kronberg Academy so special for our artists and our audiences.

For this reason, we and our project partners have agreed that all major events up to the end of the year must sadly be cancelled. This chiefly affects the "Cello Masterclasses & Concerts" in September and the Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann in November in Berlin.

Given that travel restrictions may still apply, it is uncertain whether many of the most important figures involved in these events – students, artists, tutors and jury members from across the world – will be able to journey here. Consequently, it will be impossible to create the unique atmosphere of an international “family reunion” between generations of musicians.
The first (closed) round of the Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann was scheduled to take place in July. However, the competitors would not all have had the same opportunities to prepare for this with their pianists and teachers, and we wish the competition to be fair.
At the same time, we are conscious of the responsibility we have for the cost effectiveness of our projects, and not least also for the health of the musicians, our audiences and our team.

Naturally, these cancellations hurt us and the artists very badly and it is an extremely tough time. A lot of work has been done in vain, many preparations made for nothing, and many colleagues will be without work during this event-free period.

But there is also good news to report.
We are delighted that face-to-face teaching on our study programmes will resume in June. Some of the most important examination concerts (Masters in Performance) will take place during the coming weeks, though sadly without audiences on this occasion. Together with Berlin University of the Arts (Udk), the decision has been taken to postpone the Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann in Berlin: it will now take place in November 2022 to mark the 120th anniversary of Emanuel Feuermann’s birth. And work continues on the Casals Forum construction site.

In spite of everything, you will have things to see and hear from us! Extensive discussions are ongoing as to what we, as Kronberg Academy, can offer you during this time.

Our next offering awaits you in June: in a week-by-week series of specially-produced short films, our students will present themselves in personal interviews – describing their careers, their artistic ambitions, their dreams...

And soon, the music will also return – just in a different way! We are still working on the details, but will give you plenty of notice. Just wait to hear more!