Kronberg Academy celebrates it’s birthday!

25 years of education and inspiration for musicians of all generations – Kronberg Academy celebrates it’s silver jubilee in 2018.

Exactly 25 years ago, on 8 February, 1993, some enthusiastic and optimistic music lovers signed the deed of foundation for Kronberg Academy. Anyone who has followed the institution since then will know how it has evolved continuously from year to year. The most important question, however, is: “What is Kronberg Academy today? And what does that mean for the future?”

Jürgen Fitschen, new Chair of the Board of Trustees, writes about his experience and understanding of Kronberg Academy in the booklet entitled “25 years celebrating and supporting Kronberg Academy”. This is a very well crafted portrait which we are sure you will enjoy.

Read it here

We are looking forward to the future. It promises to be full of extraordinary musical experiences, which we would like to share with you!