In mourning for Ulrike Crespo (1950–2019)

We have lost a friend who at the same time was Kronberg Academy’s biggest supporter and who had actively accompanied us for two decades through all phases of our development.

Generations of young musicians have so very much to thank her for, particularly for what they have gained from the Chamber Music Connects the Worldand Mit Musik – Miteinander projects, which she helped to initiate and sponsored through her Crespo Foundation.

Experiencing music provided her with an indispensable source of strength. The talented young musicians were particularly close to her heart. Personal closeness to others – to the artists and to each member of our team in equal measure – was a self-evident requirement for her. 

In her desire and endeavour to make the world a little better, through ideas, deeds and personal involvement, Ulli Crespo will always be an inspiration to us.

It sorrows us that she will no longer be able to witness completion of the Casals Forum that she sponsored, and that was so eagerly anticipated by her.

Ulrike Crespo was a member of the International Advisory Board and an honorary member of the Friends of Kronberg Academy.

Photo: Andreas Malkmus