Ground-breaking ceremony for the Casals Forum

With a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony next to the railway station in Kronberg the construction phase for the Casals Forum has begun.

  • Hanns Ziegler (Staab Architekten), Tabea Zimmermann (Viola / Kronberg Academy Faculty), Ulrich Krebs (District Administrator Hochtaunuskreis), Christian Tetzlaff (Violine / Kronberg Academy Faculty), Raimund Trenkler (Founder and President of Kronberg Academy), Sir András Schiff (Artistic Council of Kronberg Academy), Boris Rhein (Hessian Minister for Science and Arts), Marta Casals Istomin (Artistic Council of Kronberg Academy), Jürgen Fitschen (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kronberg Academy), Frans Helmerson (Violoncello / Kronberg Academy Faculty), Klaus E. Temmen (Mayor of Kronberg im Taunus), Martin Eifler (Head of Music/Performing Arts division, Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media)

Until 2021 the new chamber music hall and a study centre will be constructed.

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