Violin makers’ exhibition in Kronberg / Germany

To be held during the Cello Masterclasses & Concerts, 26–28 September 2018

What would a musician be without an instrument or notes? The talent, virtuosity and art of a musician are only able to blossom when the instrument, bow and strings work together in harmony. Almost since time began, myths and intriguing stories have grown up around the fundamentals of good sound. It makes fascinating research material – and to this day remains the focus and objective of the highest craftsmanship. Every year, Kronberg Academy organises a small specialist exhibition for luthiers, bowmakers and strings manufacturers – a delight for audiences and artists alike. This year, it will take place in Kronberg’s Stadthalle (Municipal Hall) during the Cello Masterclasses & Concerts from 26 to 28 September, with a series of practical talks running in parallel. The exhibition is open every day from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. to all who are interested, and entry is free.

“The exquisite craftsmanship of the master luthiers and bow makers underpins the supreme artistic expression of the violinists, viola players and cellists who study at Kronberg Academy or perform in our concerts. A violin makers’ exhibition has therefore been a core element of the programme since the first Cello Festival. The master craftspeople and the musicians gain huge mutual benefit from establishing direct personal contact here in Kronberg,” states Raimund Trenkler, Founder and President of Kronberg Academy, speaking about the aims of the exhibition.

The violin makers, cello makers and master luthiers taking part in the exhibition are: Claus Derenbach from Cologne, Mira Gruszow and Gideon Baumblatt from Berlin/Werder an der Havel, Bernd and Daniel Hiller from Markneukirchen, Daniel Josua König from Leipzig, Tobias Krutz from Dusseldorf, Uwe, Anja and Jan Lüdke from Herbrechtingen-Bolheim, Urs W Mächler from Dautphetal/Holzhausen, Ian McWilliams from Brandenburg an der Havel, Andreas Ott from Kempten and Thorsten Theis from Reichshof-Odenspiel. Bow maker Johannes Miething from Münster and master bowmakers Klaus and Andreas Uebel from Markneukirchen close the circle of craftspeople in the exhibition.

In addition, two of the largest European strings manufacturers will showcase their products at the exhibition, namely Larsen Strings and Pirastro. Their stands will give visitors the opportunity to test things for themselves and hear how the strings sound on their own instruments. Publishing houses Bärenreiter from Kassel and Breitkopf & Härtel from Wiesbaden will also be presenting their catalogue of publications.

Two talks on practical areas of musicianship add an extra dimension to the exhibition: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Zwieg, Chief Developer at Larsen Strings, and Tobias Krutz, luthier and cellist, will speak about the influence of the strings, sound post and bridge under the title “How can I optimise my instrument?”. In addition, Dr Norbert Müllemann, Editor-in-chief at G. Henle Verlag, will report on the latest research in his talk about the sources of Johann Sebastian Bach’s suites for unaccompanied cello.


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