From across the world to Kronberg – from Kronberg out into the world

Young soloists take “Kronberg Academy on Tour”

From across the globe, they come to Kronberg to study violin, viola, cello or piano with the great masters. However, the young soloists of Kronberg Academy also go out to perform on many stages throughout the world each year, presented by tutors, alumni or other acclaimed musicians. They therefore act as worldwide ambassadors, both of music and Kronberg Academy. This year, the “Kronberg Academy on Tour” concert series will take the students to Beijing, London, Paris, Berlin and Bonn, with further concerts planned at New York’s Carnegie Hall, Suntory Hall in Tokyo and in the Finnish city of Espoo for 2020.

“Twenty-eight students from 18 countries now make up an artistic community that is without compare, and which carries both classical music and Kronberg’s values out into the world,” says Raimund Trenkler, Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Kronberg Academy Foundation. “Thanks to close collaboration with our partners, our students not only gain a unique opportunity to perform on the globe’s most important stages, they also model our values there, namely an excellent team approach to playing, sensitive and tolerant cooperation, mutual respect and appreciation for one another.

Touring in 2019 began with an early sell-out performance at the Beethoven-Woche (Beethoven Week) on 31 January: together with the great viola player Tabea Zimmermann, William Hagen (violin), Fumika Mohri (violin), Stephen Waarts (violin) and Aurélien Pascal (cello) played music by Franz Schubert. Tabea Zimmermann is not only the artistic director of this Bonn-based festival, she has also been closely connected with Kronberg Academy for many years as a tutor and musician.

Kronberg Academy and Konzerthaus Berlin will likewise continue their collaboration in 2019. On 20 February, Timothy Ridout (viola) will perform together with pianist Frank Dupree, followed on 22 May by Jonathan Roozeman (cello) and Jan-Paul Roozeman (piano), each duo giving 45-minute “Espresso Concerts”. Further concerts are planned for October.

London’s world-famous Wigmore Hall is another stop on the tour: on 3 March, JiYoung Lim (violin), Santiago Cañón Valencia (cello) and Megumi Hashiba (piano) will play in its “Sunday Morning Concerts” series. A second concert in this series is also planned for 17 November, this time featuring Elena Bashkirova (piano), Marc Bouchkov (violin), Jonian-Ilias Kadesha (violin), Sindy Mohamed (viola) and Maciej Kułakowski (cello).

At the Louvre in Paris, two concerts on 15 and 16 May will be devoted entirely to Kronberg Academy. Under the title “Carte blanche à l'Académie de Kronberg”, Tabea Zimmermann (viola) presents a concert which is currently set to include the young soloists William Hagen (violin), Jonian-Ilias Kadesha (violin), Sindy Mohamed (viola) and Ivan Karizna (cello), featuring music by Ludwig van Beethoven, Paul Hindemith and Antonín Dvořák. On the second day, the students will have the stage to themselves and will play works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Zoltán Kodály, Helena Winkelman and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

At the end of the academic year, the young cellists Maciej Kułakowski, Erica Piccotti and Aleksey Shadrin will travel to Beijing to play at the Super Cello Festival from 6 to 9 June.

Lastly, in February 2020, a delegation of Kronberg’s musicians will take the stage in New York’s Carnegie Hall. On 21 February, Marc Bouchkov (violin), Jonathan Roozeman (cello) and Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula (piano) will make their debut there. On 22 February, Antoine Tamestit (viola) and Gary Hoffman (cello) will first present Marc Bouchkov (violin), Stephen Waarts (violin), Matthew Lipman (viola) and Jonathan Roozeman (cello); in the evening it will be the turn of Stephen Waarts (violin), Matthew Lipman (Viola) and Mishka Rushdie Momen (piano) to play. To close, Marc Bouchkov (violin), Stephen Waarts (violin) and Matthew Lipman (viola) – again together with Antoine Tamestit (viola) and Gary Hoffman (cello) – will give the finale performance on 23 February 2020.

Kronberg Academy on Tour