Becoming a member


As a member, you receive advance information about Kronberg Academy’s festivals and concerts. Tickets are in great demand; this information thus enables you to secure them before they are sold out. You will also receive our attractive Yearbook, which allows you to look back at Kronberg Academy’s activities over the previous year and gives a foretaste of upcoming projects and events. Your membership fee is a donation and therefore not subject to tax in Germany.

We pay particular tribute to benefactors who wish to make a larger donation on a regular basis and to representatives of corporate members by inviting them to private meetings with leading artists at house concerts.

How to support us

Ordinary membership
Student membership costs just €25 a year. The adult membership fee is €75 a year for one person or €125 for a couple.

Ordinary family membership
Family membership for couples with all their children up to the age of 18 costs €135.

Sponsoring membership
For €175 a year you can become a sponsoring membership. Families can opt for a sponsoring family membership at a fee of €300 a year.

A sponsoring member’s contribution of €600 (including donation) a year admits you to the circle of benefactors. Couples or families who wish to be sponsoring members are admitted to this circle on payment of an annual fee of €900 a year (including donation).

Sponsoring corporate membership
Sponsoring corporate membership starts at €1,250 a year.

Non-profit status

The association known as the Friends of Kronberg Academy was established under German law in 1994. It has been recognised as particularly eligible for support and pursues purposes that are exclusively and directly non-profit-making. In accordance with the notice of exemption issued by the tax office in Bad Homburg von der Höhe, both membership fees and donations can be deducted from tax in Germany. Membership application forms can be obtained from the association office.