Kronberg im Taunus

A town that lives and breathes music

The picturesque little streets in Kronberg’s historical old town are the perfect place for a stroll that offers plenty of new things to discover – Kronberg Castle with a splendid view of the Frankfurt skyline, the English-style Victoria Park with its hundred-year-old trees ... or the next concert at one of the town’s atmospheric venues. During Kronberg Academy’s events the streets are filled with music – and that special, contagious atmosphere that is so typical of Kronberg Academy. Get to know the town that lives and breathes music!

Old town highlights

Vogelgesanggasse (Birdsong Lane). The name sounds just as lovely as the little street itself. The crooked little lane with timber-framed houses that wind their way along the flight of steps and a view over the rooftops into Kronthal is a highlight for many who explore Kronberg on foot, providing every incentive to visit other parts of the old town. Particularly noteworthy are the streets and narrow lanes in the immediate vicinity, such as Eichenstrasse (Oak Street), Mauerstrasse (Wall Street), Steinstrasse (Stone Street), Grabenstrasse (Moat Street) and Pferdstrasse (Horse Street), which lead up to Schirnplatz (Butchers’ Square).

The prince in his garden

The Prinzengarten (Prince’s Garden) in the Kronberg Castle grounds affords what is probably the best view across the entire town – in the midst of an enchanting garden, visitors look out across the rooftops of Kronberg’s historical old town to the skyline of cosmopolitan Frankfurt – with the castle towering behind them!

Paying a visit to Rostropovich and Casals

The “world capital of the cello” has monuments to two leading cellists: Mstislav Rostropovich and Pablo Casals. During his lifetime “Slava” gave masterclasses in Kronberg – now he is waiting for us in the Schulgarten, a small garden that once belonged to the school (now demolished), having “taken up residence” near to the Stadthalle. The close association with Pablo Casals is expressed in the sculpture “Tribute to Pablo Casals”, which can be found not far from the little lake known as the Schillerweiher (Schiller Pond) in Victoria Park.


Anyone who has more time and likes greener surroundings can take the circular route from the Philosophenweg via the Opel Zoo and back along Scheibenbuschweg – with the possibility of lingering for a while in the superb chestnut grove with a view of Kronberg Castle (approx 3.5 km).

Regal Times

If you are in search of a little more grandeur, why not enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on the terrace or in the fireside lounge in Kronberg’s Schlosshotel and imbibe the atmosphere of the stately home built in 1893 by Victoria, Empress Frederick, the mother of the last German emperor, as her dowager seat? Part of the surrounding park with its Italian rose garden and romantic grotto is open to the public.

Musical museum visit

If the weather is bad, it is worth visiting the Kronberg Artists Colony Museum at Villa Winter. This is also where some of Kronberg Academy's events take place. Come and hear what it’s all about!