Next date: July 16, 2023

It goes on: musical stories with various instruments, and of course, with your earwig Theophil!

The magical world of music

Opening children’s hearts up to classical music, training their ears and letting them get really close to the artists – that is what the children’s concert series Classic for Kids is all about. Three times a year, well-known musicians play for audiences made up exclusively of 5 to 10-year-olds who keep a sharp eye on what the artists are doing.

The focus is always on one particular instrument, which is allowed to show off its (best) features to the children. The lively earwig Theophil is a key part of the programme. Accompanied by musical narrator Christoph Gotthardt, he asks clever or cheeky questions and tells stories to ensure that the children listen closely to the music and are fascinated by what they hear.  After all, classical music is just what children’s ears need!

Further dates: 30 September, 5 November

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