Next date in autumn 2024
Experience five cello schools in one location: public tuition from masterful teachers at the Kronberg Festival

Application begins: April 2024

The Cello in Kronberg

Discover the rich culture of cello playing at the Kronberg Festival where, every two years, Kronberg becomes the “World capital of the cello” (Mstislav Rostropovich). This year, five renowned cellists will teach students from across the globe during the Festival. These public tuition sessions provide opportunities to simultaneously experience diverse approaches to artistry and teaching whilst offering ever more familiarity with the repertoire of wonderful cello music. To reflect the Cello Masterclasses being held this year, the focus of the Festival will be firmly on the cello, with concerts from the masterclass tutors and selected students. Talks, workshops and presentations will also offer a host of interesting insights into the cello and its music. And next year the violin will be at the forefront – with the Violin Masterclasses.

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