Promotional prizes

Cello Masterclasses & Concerts

Landgrave of Hesse Prize

The Landgrave of Hesse Prize is worth €5,000 and is awarded to an active participant at the end of the Cello Masterclasses & Concerts. The prize includes an opportunity to perform at the next Kronberg Academy Festival.

Elia Cohen-Weissert and Erica Piccotti (2018)
Jonathan Roozeman and Zlatomir Fung (2016)
Laura van der Heijden and Maciej Kułakowski (2014)
Matthew Allen and Andrei Ioniţă (2012)
Anastasia Kobekina (2010)
Ha Young Choi and Dai Miyata (2008)
Leonard Elschenbroich (2006)
Nicolas Altstaedt and Giorgi Kharadze (2004)
Thomas Carroll and Julian Steckel (2002)
Bong-Ihn Koh (2000)
Kee-Hyun Kim and Tatjana Vassilieva (1998)
Edvardas Armonas and Denis Krotov (1996)
Claudio Bohórquez and Oren Shevlin (1994)

Boris Pergamenschikow Scholarship

The Boris Pergamenschikow Scholarship, which is worth €400 a month, is awarded to a young cellist over a period of two years to fund expenses incurred in the furtherance of his or her cultural and intellectual development. The scholarship is awarded once every two years at the Cello Masterclasses & Concerts.

Ivan Karizna (20182020)
Aleksey Shadrin (2016–2018)
Lizi Ramishvili (2014–2016)
Anastasia Kobekina (2012–2014)
István Várdai (2010–2012)
Gabriel Schwabe (2008–2010)
Julian Steckel (2006–2008)
Julian Arp (2004–2006)

Frans Helmerson Award

The promotional prize in honour of the cellist and pedagogue Frans Helmerson is worth €2,500. It is awarded at the end of the Cello Masterclasses & Concerts to an active participant aged 27 and under. It is awarded for the second time at the Cello Masterclasses & Concerts 2018.

Birgitta Elisa Oftestad and Yuki Sayama (2018)
Min Ji Kim und Yoonsoo Yeo (2016)

Leyda Ungerer Prize

The Leyda Ungerer Prize is awarded once every two years during the Kronberg Academy Festival to an active participant in the preceding Cello Masterclasses & Concerts (up to the age of 28 years). The prize, which is worth €5,000, is awarded by the Frankfurt-based non-profit Friends of Young Musicians (Freunde Junger Musiker), which has its origins in the support given young musicians by the pianist Leyda Ungerer. If possible, the prizewinner should come from a German-speaking country or have grown up in Germany. The prize includes an opportunity to perform at the Kronberg Academy Festival and for the Freunde Junger Musiker.

Santiago Cañón Valencia (2019)
Hayoung Choi (2017)
Bruno Philippe (2015)
Kian Soltani (2013)
Pablo Ferrández (2011)
Tomasz Daroch (2006)

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