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Kronberg Academy is an independent, private institution whose aim is to provide support for the world’s top young string players. It combines inspiring world-class music projects with the Kronberg Academy Study Programmes for young musicians. These programmes offer carefully chosen leading young musicians tailor-made support and allow them to gain an officially recognised Bachelor or Master of Music (BMus/MMus) in International Solo Performance.

Internationally renowned artists and many people who have the need to provide support for exceptionally gifted next-generation musicians very much on their heart have already made a substantial contribution to this endeavour.

5,000 euros per annum for at least three years

As a sponsor, you will finance the performances of our young soloists and alumni at the annual Masters in Performance recitals, where students present themselves to eager audiences in a busy concert programme at the end of the summer semester. You will be welcome as our guest of honour at all the concerts in this series.

25,000 euros per annum for at least three years

Orchestral projects in the Casals Forum are set to become a new focus in the training we offer our young soloists. By sponsoring an orchestral project, you will be supporting rehearsals and concert performances with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Kremerata Baltica or one of the other acclaimed ensembles that Kronberg Academy partners with in future.
As a sponsor, you will thus enable Kronberg Academy students to undertake important preparatory work and joint concert appearances with these ensembles and leading conductors in Kronberg. You and your companions will be our guests of honour at the concert you have sponsored. In addition, you will be invited to attend private rehearsals with the orchestra in question, its conductor and the young soloists. As a further benefit, a young soloist will perform an exclusive house concert (of chamber music) at your home once a year.

25,000 euros per annum for at least three years

As a sponsor, you will be financing studies and tuition, i.e. a study place, on the Kronberg Academy study programmes – Bachelor/Master (MMus) or Professional Studies. Kronberg Academy will assist in establishing a personal relationship between you and your scholarship holder, and you will be a guest at internal masterclasses and workshop concerts given by our visiting professors.
You will likewise be our guest of honour at concerts performed by the recipient of your sponsorship. As a further benefit, a young soloist will perform an exclusive house concert at your home once a year.

25,000 euros per annum for at least ten years

As a senior sponsor, you will commit to providing support for a minimum period of ten years. You will be our guest of honour at all Kronberg Academy events.

Single donation of 500,000 euros or above

You can become an endowment sponsor by giving a legacy or making a one-off donation of 500,000 euros or more. Please contact us directly to discuss the benefits and privileges connected with this level of sponsorship.

Foundation supporters

Together, we can achieve great things. In its dedication to music, Kronberg Academy is fortunate in being able to rely on strong partners and loyal supporters, and it is dependent on the generous commitment of many people and institutions. We are grateful to our partners, sponsors and association members for their willingness to help us make a difference to the world of music.

Ingeborg Behrenwaldt / The Gingko Foundation
Monica und Christoph Bubmann
Lore Buscher
Svea und Sven Damberger
Barbara Dettmer und Dr. Dorothee Storch
Jörg Dietmann / Nagarro ES
Eva-Marie Ellmauer
Annika und Dr. Wolfgang Fink
Jürgen Fitschen und Dr. Friederike Lohse
Nikolas Gruber
Felix Henle / Günter Henle Stiftung
Dieter und Catrin Hofmann
Prof. Dr. Renate Huch
Yvonne König
Dres. Hendrik Leber und Claudia Giani-Leber
Nanno Lenz
Renate und Peter von Metzler
Ulla Minners
Dorothea Neuhaus
Ono Family
Julia von Opel
Dr. Ludolf und Sybille Plass
Procter & Gamble Service GmbH  
Margareta und Steffen Rabus
Dr. Lutz Raettig
Dr. Christa und Christian Ratjen
Dr. Nikolaus und Cornelia Reinhuber
Liselott und Klaus Rheinberger-Stiftung
Ferdinand von Rom
Frank Rühland
Dr. Jens-Peter Schaefer
Dr. Rolf M. Schwiete-Stiftung
Dr. Brigitte Seebacher
Stichting Horizon
Dr. Rainer und Christel Stoll
Dr. Benno und Ursula Stork gen. Wersborg
Strauss Family
Christa Verhein Stiftung
Angela Winkler

Arpeggione Scholarship

Dr. Welf Müller
Dr. Paul Schmitz-Valckenberg
Dr. Rainer Stachels
Dr. Harald Witte

Casals Scholarship

Alexander und Eva-Maria Demuth
Tanja Lyson
Dr. Joachim Reidiess
Angelika und Eckart Wilcke

Sodalitas Scholarship

Anne und Alexandre Grewlich
Dr. Stephanie Kenedi
Julia Wirtz
Dr. Christian Wolf und Christian Wulff

Yehudi Menuhin Scholarship

Christa Burkhardt
Anita Bußmann
Elisabeth Feddersen
Dr. Jürgen Frei und Sabine Schaan
Barbara Gottschalk-Reinecke

Ingrid Kaemper
Jan Kleinewefers
Dr. Hans-Jürgen und Marianne Kraatz
Hanna Lange
Dr. Jutta Neubronner
Michel Roffé-Vidal
Katharina Trömel

Thomas und Birgit Köhler

Fondazione Casa Musica
Goltermann Cello Stiftung
Rostropovich Cello Foundation

Herta Baur
Eveline Kahl