Elli Ferriol

Elli Ferriol


Elli Ferriol is both an artist and a musicologist. She studied musicology at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and fine art at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main with Thomas Bayrle and Georg Herold. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies with Prof Dr Peter Ackermann at Frankfurt University of Music and with Professor Diedrich Diederichsen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She is conducting research into hybrid works that sound like music but whose appearance is deceptive.

She is a research associate and a lecturer in the department of musicology at Frankfurt University of Music. Her work covers the aesthetics of music, 20th century artistic and musical history and contemporary art. In her artistic practice she brings theoretical aspects to bear on various media such as text, printed material and graphics as well as music and performance. Elli Ferriol has been lecturing in musicology at Kronberg Academy since 2016.

Last updated: April 2017