Ensemble SoLiszti

Ensemble SoLiszti

Virtuosity and originality come together in SoLiszti, the ensemble founded by József Lendvay in 2011, Liszt’s bicentenary year, as part of his collaboration with the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival and “musik:landschaft westfalen”. József Lendvay performs with different configurations of the ensemble, which pays homage to the brilliant musicality of Hungary’s Roma and to Franz Liszt’s concept of aesthetics and political humanism.

As a member of Hungary’s Roma community, József Lendvay is artistically and biographically predestined for his role as the star of the ensemble, which breathes Hungarian character into classical melodies and presents the Czárdás, a traditional Hungarian music and dance form, with a unique combination of classical discipline and Hungarian soul. Classic works of salon music and Eastern European folklore are revived beneath his virtuosic fingers with terrific rhythms, and condense into the essence of Hungarian joie de vivre.

Last updated: 2019

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