Bernhard Zosel / Photo: Peter-Cornelius-Konservatorium

Bernhard Zosel

Bernhard Zosel


Bernhard Zosel studied at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz School of Music, initially receiving tuition in church music, followed by harmony, aural training and piano on the degree programme with Wolfgang Schamschula. In January 1999, he completed his studies with a concert performance exam in organ score-reading and sight-playing with Professor Gerhard Gnann and Professor Hans Jürgen Kaiser. In addition, he attended conducting courses with the professors Wolfgang Schäfer, Fritz ter Wey, Volker Hempfling and Peter Erdei.

For many years, Bernhard Zosel taught aural skills at the Europa Chor Akademie in Mainz as well as basso continuo and score playing in the Musicology Department of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. From 1999 to 2003, he taught piano at the Peter Cornelius Conservatory of the City of Mainz. He has been the choirmaster and organist of the Protestant Johanniskirche in Kronberg im Taunus since 1997, and since 2015 has been Choral Director for the Deanery of Kronberg. Several of his own compositions for organ and sacred works for choir have been performed for the first time in the Johanniskirche.

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