The US-based non-profit organization American Friends of Kronberg Academy (AFKA) has been supporting the Kronberg Academy for ten years and focuses on the promotion of exceptionally gifted young string musicians by enabling them to play in a unique environment and to train their artistic skills.

The American Friends of Kronberg Academy, Inc. (AFKA) is a non-profit organization* that was founded in 2008 to represent Germany’s Kronberg Academy in the United States and to build awareness of the remarkable work of the academy among international music lovers and patrons.

The Kronberg Academy is located near Frankfurt, Germany. Recognized as one of the world’s most transformational training centers, it brings together gifted young violinists, viola players, cellists and pianists with the greatest artists of our time, so that they can study under them and learn from them.  The result is that young talents can mature as artists and adopt an approach to music from which we can all benefit.

AFKA’s mission is to enable young American musicians to participate in the Kronberg Academy's unique study programs and to benefit from its inspiring environment in the heart of Europe. In fact, in recent academic years, several young soloists studying in Kronberg came from the USA. In exchange, AFKA offers all Kronberg Academy’s young soloists the opportunity to perform in the States, in private homes or in educational institutions.

To date, the focus of AFKA's activities has been in South Florida, where it has become renowned as a cultural institution in the field of nurturing outstanding musical talent. In the near future, AKFA’s offices will be moving to New York City to reach an even wider circle of people interested in music.