Be an ambassador for music!

Kronberg Academy is a not-for-profit cultural institution with an international vision. It thrives on a global alliance between significant artistic figures, advocates and philanthropy.

We invite music lovers from the U.S. to join this international cultural community by supporting the valuable and ongoing work of Kronberg Academy. In so doing, the best and brightest young American musicians will share in the unique training offered by Kronberg Academy. Many young American artists now prominent as international artistic figures were trained at and/or supported by Kronberg Academy. The growing roster includes Benjamin Beilman, William Hagen, Itamar Zorman, Yura Lee, Matthew Lipman, Stephen Waarts, Brannon Cho, and Noah Bendix-Balgley.

Additionally, supporters of Kronberg Academy enable the very best young American musicians to perform in destination U.S. concert venues, most recently including Carnegie Hall, New York.