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Masters in Performance
Young Soloists in Performance & Alumni Chamber Music Meeting

19 to 24 May 2015

In the great concert halls, they shine - in Kronberg, they study. Once a year, however, they all come together on stage in Kronberg, too. That simply means that five days long, one tuition session-cum-concert succeeds another.

Once benefiting directly from the support of Kronberg Academy and today setting an example for others and at home at the world’s leading concert venues. Once every two years, they take advantage of the days on which their young colleagues give their end-of-semester concerts to make music together at the Alumni Chamber Music Meeting and to bring Masters in Performance to an end with a concert day of their own.

Masters in Performance
        Young Solists in Performance
        19 to 23 May 2015
        Alumni Chamber Music Meeting
        24 May 2015

About Masters in Performance

Since Kronberg Academy Masters was established, highly gifted young musicians have been coming to Kronberg to study here. Behind closed doors, they work with their famous teachers and prepare for international careers as violinists, violists or cellists.

The aim of the extended concert weekend Masters in Performance is once a year to fling a window in that ivory tower wide open and reveal what is maturing and bearing fruit. The end-of-semester and examination concerts allow the Young Soloists of Kronberg Academy Masters to show the public what they can do. As many as four concerts are given in succession so that audiences can board the train at short notice and attend as many concerts as they want. The intervals provide opportunities to get close to the music and to make personal contact with the Young Soloists – perhaps even to sit with them in the next concert given by their fellow musicians.

Since 2013 this small, excellent concert series has been rounded off by a very special concert day, a “Souvenir de Kronberg” with artists whose careers were all once furthered by Kronberg Academy. Twenty-two alumni took advantage of  Kronberg Academy’s 20th anniversary to launch the first “family reunion” of this kind in Kronberg, three days playing chamber music together and to bring the small, exquisite concert series Masters in Performance to a close with a concert day of their own design. The Alumni Chamber Music Meeting is now scheduled to take place in Kronberg once every two years.

Masters in Performance made possible by
Ursula Becker
Dr. Matthias and Antje Bonczkowitz
Alexander and Anna-Maria von Engelhardt
Ulla Minners
Christian Strenger
Angelika and Eckart Wilcke


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