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Kronberg Academy study programmes

Kronberg Academy study programmes consists of a four-stage highly specialised musical training programme.

     Stage 1: Kronberg Academy Precollege

     Stage 2: Kronberg Academy Bachelor (B.Mus.)

     Stage 3: Kronberg Academy Master (M.Mus.)

The stages 2 and 3 are conducted by Kronberg Academy in cooperation with the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

     Stage 4: Kronberg Academy Professional Studies

All four stages are parts of a unique study programme that trains exceptionally gifted young musicians (violinists, violists and cellists) as soloists and prepares them for international careers.The Young Soloists of Kronberg Academy are given tuition by world-famous musicians and valuable performance opportunities. Graduates of Kronberg Academy's Bachelor's and Master's programmes are awarded the internationally recognised degrees of Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) and Master of Music (M.Mus.) respectively.
The Young Soloists of Kronberg Academy have set their sights on artistic and technical excellence. Kronberg Academy gives them the support they need to develop their interpretational, creative and academic skills. It provides an environment in which their artistic, intellectual and social skills are nurtured. Opportunities to play solo are as much part of the programme as ensemble playing.

Members of Kronberg Academy's Artistic Council - Yuri Bashmet, Gidon Kremer and Sir András Schiff - regularly devote their time to the Young Soloists in internal masterclasses and take an active interest in the Young Soloists' career development.Kronberg Academy Masters redefines training for highly gifted young musicians and provides exceptional opportunities for those admitted to the exclusive programme to prepare for solo careers.

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Eichhorn
Director of Kronberg Academy Masters

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