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Date Event Title
10.01.2017 Kronberg Academy Masters Kronberg Academy appoints three new teachers (more ...)
29.08.2016 Cello Masterclasses & Concerts Unexpected sound spheres Master concerts during the Cello Masterclasses & Concerts  25 September ‒ 2 October 2016  (more ...)
05.07.2016 Cello Masterclasses & Concerts Cello Masterclasses and Concerts in the big-hearted capital    25 September - 2 October 2016     (more ...)
01.04.2016 Chamber Music Connects the World Set off on a musical voyage of discovery with Chamber Music Connects the World!   18 ‒ 27 April 2016  (more ...)
15.02.2016 Chamber Music Connects the World Chamber Music Connects the WorldThe musical experiment18 ‒ 27 April 2016 (more ...)
08.09.2015 Kronberg Academy Festival The art of travelling new paths  Kronberg Academy Festival  26 September ‒ 3 October 2015  (more ...)
15.08.2015 Kronberg Academy Festival "Making sound" Luthiers and bowmakers exhibit their craft at the Kronberg Academy Festival (more ...)
28.07.2015 Kronberg Academy Festival Music and movement: Autumn in Kronberg with the Kronberg Academy Festival  26 September ‒ 3 October 2015  (more ...)
23.04.2015 Geigen Meisterkurse & Konzerte The relaxed path to learning success!  Violin Masterclasses & Concerts from 1 to 7 June 2015 (more ...)
19.03.2015 Kronberg Academy From gentle springtime breezes to golden autumn hues: keep your ears open!  The Kronberg Academy musical year 2015 (more ...)
27.11.2014 Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann Prizewinners in the Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann 2014! (more ...)
28.09.2014 Cello Meisterkurse & Konzerte Cello Masterclasses & Concerts - glorious conclusion with the award of the Landgrave of Hesse Prize and the Boris Pergamenschikow Scholarship  (more ...)
18.09.2014 Kronberg Academy From masterclass students to soloists!CD “Focus Cello” to be released during the Cello Masterclasses & ConcertsOpen to the public from 23 to 28 September 2014 (more ...)
17.09.2014 Kronberg Academy Kronberger wins ARD Music Competition 2014! (more ...)
29.08.2014 Cello Meisterkurse & Konzerte Never a dull moment! The public Cello Masterclasses and Concerts from 23 to 28 September 2014    (more ...)
09.08.2014 Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann Twelve young cellists compete: participants in the Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann 2014 finalised (more ...)
25.06.2014 Kronberg Academy Masters Artistic maturity ‒ Itamar Zorman’s debut CD, “Portrait” (more ...)
22.05.2014 Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann The only one of its kind!The Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann 2014 begins (more ...)
08.05.2014 Chamber Music Connects the World Vitally alive - Chamber Music Connects the World 20-30 June 2014 (more ...)
11.04.2014 Kronberg Academy Masters CD "Impresiones espańolas" Violinist Niklas Liepe and cellist Benedict Kloeckner on a musical journey through Spain (more ...)
03.11.2013 Kronberg Academy Musical depth and virtuoso facility go hand in Hand  The new CD "Cello Variations" with István Várdai and Walter Delahunt (more ...)
09.10.2013 Kronberg Academy Festival The Kronberg Academy "Cello Plus" Festival  28 September ‒ 5 October 2013   (more ...)
30.09.2013 Kronberg Academy Kronberg Academy and Breitkopf & Härtel to cooperate  (more ...)
13.05.2013 Violin Masterclasses & Concerts Kronberg Academy's Violin Masterclasses & Concerts with some of the world's best violin teachers and next-generation violinists4 to 9 June 2013 (more ...)
09.10.2012 Kronberg Academy Masters Excellence and individuality - Violinist Friedemann Eichhorn is the new Director of Kronberg Academy Masters  (more ...)
21.09.2012 Cello Masterclasses Cello Masterclasses 2012 - Anastasia Kobekina, Andrei Ionita and Matthew Allen return home with prizes! (more ...)
15.07.2011 Cello Festival "Cello Perspectives" at the 10th Cello Festival (more ...)
27.04.2010 Chamber Music Connects the World They come back - even after 10 yearsKronberg Juniors from 2000 till 2010 (more ...)
21.04.2010 Chamber Music Connects the World 10 years Chamber Music Connects the World - 10 Bridges to Bach: „The Art of Instrumentation" (more ...)
19.04.2010 Chamber Music Connects the World Chamber Music Connects the World: 10 years of finest education (more ...)
28.08.2009 Cello Festival Cello versatility First public performances, world premičres and specially commissioned compositions at Kronberg Academy's 9th Cello Festival (more ...)
17.07.2009 Cello Festival Counterpoints - Kronberg Academy Cello Festival - a new focus in 2009 (more ...)
08.12.2008 Kronberg Academy Kronberg Academy goes Web 2.0  (more ...)
25.08.2008 Cello Masterclasses 180 young cellists from 42 nations attend Kronberg Academy Master ClassesPublic rehearsals, concerts, presentation and exhibitions (more ...)
29.04.2008 Chamber Music Connects the World Chamber Music Connects the World: World-class artists make music with talented youngsters (more ...)
03.04.2008 Special event - CDs "Celebrating Slava!" - Four CDs with 27 live concert recordings in remembrance of Mstislav Rostropovich (more ...)
03.04.2008 Special event "Remembering Slava" - A special event to mark the first anniversary of the death of Mstislav Rostropovich (more ...)
05.09.2007 Cello Festival Two concerts and workshops in Frankfurt a. M. October 3rd and 4th 2007 - first-time together with the Symphony Orchestra Bayrischer Rundfunk and Martha Argerich (more ...)
28.08.2007 Cello Festival Three world premieres during the Cello Festival and the Day ofRemembrance for Mstislav Rostropovich- transmitted by hr 2 Kultur (more ...)
04.07.2007 Day of Remembrance October 3rd, 2007 - Day of Remembrance for Mstislav Rostropovich (more ...)
18.06.2007 Cello Festival Cello Festival Kronberg 2007 "In remembrance - celebrating Slava"The ticket sale has started (more ...)
Kronberg Academy Festival 04.07.2013 Music pulls all the strings! The Kronberg Academy "Cello Plus" Festival 28 September - 5 October 2013 (more ...)

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