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  • Established in 2003

For highly gifted young musicians to be able to develop their artistic potential to the fullest, they need a special holistic kind of support and training. With no comprehensive support programme for exceptionally talented young musicians existing in Germany, Kronberg Academy set out to fill this gap in the education system. With the generous support of the Kronberg Academy Foundation, its Board of Trustees and other benefactors, Kronberg Academy established in 2007 its customised study programme, Kronberg Academy Masters.

The Kronberg Academy Foundation has made it possible for the current 22 Young Soloists to study in the Kronberg Academy Master (M.Mus) and Further Masters Studies programmes.

A further objective of the Foundation is to ensure the financial sustainability of current activities of Kronberg Academy, including the masterclasses and festivals.

Finally, the Foundation manages the Rostropovich Cello Foundation, the Yuri Bashmet Viola Foundation and the Gidon Kremer Instrument Trust.

The Kronberg Academy Foundation depends on endowments and donations to fulfill these commitments. Why not explore the opportunities available to you to provide support for outstanding young musicians through the Kronberg Academy Foundation!

For more information, please contact:

Gabriela Denicke
Kronberg Academy Foundation
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 6
61476 Kronberg
Tel: +49 6173 783345

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