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Friends of Kronberg Academy

  • Established 1994

Music brings people together across the generations ‒ and sets the soul in flight!

For nearly 20 years, world-famous stars, highly gifted young string players and other instrumentalists have been heading for Kronberg to take part in masterclasses, festivals and chamber music events.

Music-lovers travel to Kronberg from near and far to attend the concerts, courses and many other musical events and to experience first-hand the power of expression, the delight in making music and the virtuosity ‒ one might say the obsession ‒ that are characteristic of exceptionally gifted young people.

The standards for participation in Kronberg's masterclasses and concerts are high and the selection criteria extremely demanding. Yet that is precisely what transforms the music - and sets the soul in flight!

That naturally applies, in particular, to Young Soloists of Kronberg Academy Masters, a study programme that encompasses the Kronberg Academy Master (M.Mus), specially developed in cooperation with the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main for a limited number of outstanding young musicians, and Kronberg Academy Further Master Studies. Kronberg has become a place where soloists are forged ‒ there is nowhere else like it in Germany.

At the Emanuel Feuermann Conservatory, the focus of attention is on the even younger generation of musicians, while Classic for Kids fosters a musical sensitivity from a very young age.

The Friends of Kronberg Academy have provided support for Kronberg Academy since the early days of its establishment. As Kronberg Academy has gained in significance, the association has grown from an initially small circle of dauntless optimists to take its place in the top league of large promotional societies. Its members number around 1,200 and come from Kronberg, the surrounding areas, other parts of Germany and abroad.

The association of "Friends" is very much alive; as a non-profit organisation, it is not only a source of material support for Kronberg Academy but the ideal partner with which to develop promotional thinking. It also provides a forum for social gatherings ‒ at receptions before or after concerts, at special concerts and house performances, on excursions, e.g. to events in Berlin or Amsterdam, and at the ball given by the Friends of Kronberg Academy once every two years.

Our members are true friends and supporters; solidarity of that kind is the only way to engender the kind of music that sets the soul in flight. Let your soul soar with ours and become a member! It only takes a minute or two to complete the application form but to do so is to take a big step into a very special kind of music world.


Rainer Stoll
Helfried Moosbrugger
Simone Flesch
Christof Harwardt
Rüdiger Hummer

Honorary Members
Ulrike Crespo
Donatus Landgrave and Floria Landgravine of Hesse
Moritz Landgrave of Hesse †
Renate von Metzler
Eckart Wilcke

Friends of Kronberg Academy
Sabine Fritzen
Bettina Knobling
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